Dale Cordice, Jr.

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Model, Actor, Entrepreneur

Dale is an 8 year old model, actor and entrepreneur from Charlotte, NC.  He has ripped the runway in shows such as NYFW, Charlotte Fashion Week, Walk Fashion and a host of others.  He's acted in the short film "What Tomorrow Holds, Toys, Playground Scavengers" and a TV pilot.  He most recently worked on an upcoming Netflix show.


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Our mission is to empower young people around the world to embrace their different.


Our Goal is Happiness

An interesting fact that most don't know about me is that I have ADHD.  I process things differently.  I can be easily distracted.  I am impulsive at times.  Some may not understand my quirkiness.  Have I let ADHD hinder me?  Absolutely not!  In fact, I call it my super power!  In January of 2018, I started the movement "Different is the New Cool".  We are all different.  We are all cool.  What's your different?